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Top 10 Prohormones

Top 10 Prohormones

Here are the Top 10 Prohormones, as well as important information, questions and answers and benefits.

Prohormone Supplements are some of the most powerful supplements on the market today! These compounds assist the body in creating active hormones leading to increase lean muscle mass, muscle gains, strength gains and in some cases reduced body fat. Some prohormone stacks can increase testosterone levels as well as improve muscle tone. They can also increase protein synthesis and improve anabolic effects. Prohormones are to be taken always with On Cycle support as well as Post cycle support. Consult your Dr or health care professional before starting any supplement routine. Now let's dive into the Best prohormones on the market today, with the TOP 10 Prohormones!


#1 Ranked Prohormone

Super Mandro by Hard Rock Supplements

Hardrock Supplements Super Mandro by Hard Rock Supplements

Super Mandro is a powerful prohormone that is highly anabolic, made for mass gains and its reviews and user feedback support its #1 position. Massive dosage of 1 andro helps in adding Muscle mass, improved strength gains, increased muscle definition and also helps to support fat loss with no water retention. Over 100 reviews and super positive feedback make Super Mandro, well, just super!

#2 Ranked Prohormone

Andro The Giant by Hard Rock Supplements

Hardrock Supplements Andro the Giant by Hard Rock Supplements

In the number 2 sport, Andro the Giant bring in a huge dose of 4 andro, giving you a top anabolic bulking agent with big strength gains. Many consider this one of the strongest prohormones on the market with big upticks in athletic performance and muscle strength. Andro the Giant has over 50 reviews and people keep coming back for it over and over again.

#3 Ranked Prohormone

Androvar by Hard Rock Supplements

Hardrock Supplements Androvar™ by Hard Rock Supplements

You want a cutting prohormone? Androvar is the one for you! Tons of positive reviews and loggers feedback helps to secure this supplement in the TOP 3 spots on this list. Androvar supports you to build muscle, improves sex drive, and is great for body composition. It also helps in cutting fat and reducing water retention.

#4 Ranked Prohormone

Anabolic Trinity by Hard Rock Supplements

Hardrock Supplements Anabolic Trinity by Hard Rock Supplements

A solid prohormone stack with the holy trinity of a formula that helps in muscle building and is considered one of the great prohormones for mass. Anabolic trinity also supports muscle definition and muscle hardness.

#5 Ranked Prohormone

Ultimate R-Andro by Hard Rock Supplements

Hardrock Supplements Ultimate R-Andro by Hard Rock Supplements

Another solid prohormone stack with 3 powerful ingredients married together to whose job is to help in building lean muscle mass, aid in growing muscle tissue and increasing metabolism. It is highly androgenic and effective. Users report increased muscle mass, lean mass gains and lean body mass improvements.

#6 Ranked Prohormone

Helladrol by Innovative labs

Innovative Labs Helladrol by Innovative Labs

One of Hi tech pharmaceuticals sub companies Innovative labs, brings Helladrol an advanced prohormone stack supplement aimed to increase muscle mass and muscle growth. For Innovative labs this is a go to bulking stack prohormone supplement.

#7 Ranked Prohormone

Metha quad Extreme by BlackStone labs

Blackstone Labs Metha-Quad Extreme by Blackstone Labs

For advanced users only, Metha quad is a big prohormone stack offering multiple ingredients that aid in natural testosterone production and muscle mass increases. Users report lean muscle gains, with some calling it the best bulking prohormone stack.

#8 Ranked Prohormone

Monster Plexx by Innovative labs

Innovative Labs Monster Plexx by Innovative Labs

Another multi prohormone stack, Monster plexx is a potent prohormone that has anabolic compounds providing mass gains and strength gains for its users.

#9 Ranked Prohormone

Icone One by Iconic Formulations

Iconic Formulations  Icon One by Iconic Formulations

A topical prohormone that gives users 1-dhea promoting lean hard muscle mass gains as well as improvements in libido and energy levels.

#10 Ranked Prohormone

Ultra Epi by Iconic Formulations

Iconic Formulations  Ultra Epi by Iconic Formulations

Last on the list in spot 10 is the topical Ultra Epi. A topical epi andro supplement that aims to improve libido, increase fat loss and harden muscle density.

Well there you have it, the TOP 10 Prohormones on the market today! With prohormone stacks and stand alone single ingredient powerhouses, your big gains are just a few clicks away.

Prohormone FAQ

4-Andro (4-androstene-3b-ol 17-one), also known as 4-Androsterone or 4-DHEA, is a naturally occurring DHEA isomer. Its become very popular as a legal bodybuilding prohormone and testosterone replacement alternative due to its high conversion rate to testosterone. 4-DHEA has been very helpful for users looking to increase muscle mass, strength, and overall performance. 

1-Androsterone is an androgenic sex hormone and is a metabolite of testosterone. It is a Non-Methylated anabolic compound designed to aid the user in improving strength and trimming fat. 

1-Androsterone is a non-methylated compound whose primary Metabolite is 1-Androstendione (1-AD) in the body. The nomenclature for 1-Andro is 1-androstene 3b-ol, 17-one. 1-Andro does not convert to testosterone or estrogen. This basically means that estrogen related side effects should not occur and this compound can really help add lean mass. 

Epiandrosterone also commonly known as “Epi-Andro” is an anabolic compound which converts into the natural male hormone “DiHydroTestosterone” or “Stanolone”. Epi-Andro is non-methylated and as a result will put little to no stress on the user’s liver. DHT is 5 times more Androgenic than testosterone. As a dry compound, users will experience lean muscle gains while also increasing lipolysis (fat loss).

Prohormone cycles typically last 30-60 days. Each supplement has its own specification and everyone's body is different. Make sure to consult your doctor or health professional before starting any supplement regimen.

Helladrol is a great prohormone for bulking as is stacking Super Mandro and Andro the Giant together.

Stacking Super Mandro and Andro the Giant together is the best prohormone stack. Users have reported very successful cycles with these two supplements used together.

Yes! You absolutely need to take on cycle support supplements when running a ph cycle.

Yes, taking a pct or Post Cycle Therapy supplement after your cycle is crucial in helping the body to recover, balance and for you to keep your gains. This is an absolute and must not be skipped at all.

Liquid prohormones are prohormones that based in raw material form (powder) and then is put through a heat regulated process that allows the full molecular strand of the hormone to remain intact while turning the powder based hormone into a permanent liquid form.

A test base provides the user with a base testosterone which will prevent the user’s test levels from completely bottoming out as well as reducing the severity of other potential side effects. By using a test base during your prohormone cycle, you will not only improve the results from the other prohormones, the test base compound will actually help reduce lethargic side effects while helping you boost your libido/sex drive.

The best prohormone for beginners is Androvar by Hard Rock Supplements. It assists in cutting fat, building lean hard muscle and comes with an 8 week supply.

The best prohormone for advanced users is Monster Plexx by Innovative labs for bulking and Anabolic Trinity for Cutting